Friday, September 25, 2015

Non Scale Astranagant

Koto has been slow on SRW series over past few years and more focused on the newer model but didn't expect Astranagant would get a turn to get his model considering he is rather curvy to sculpt. If you noticed i used Astranagant and Dis as my Banner's blog since they are some of the most badass mecha in SRW verse(more like OP though). The release date and price is not confirmed yet but i would expect around 6000-8000 yen range.

Astranagant is the end game boss in SRW Alpha piloted by Ingram Plisken, double agent sent by Balmar to infiltrate Earth though Ingram who at some point mentored Ryusei for a while. In terms of Firepower Astranagant is one of the most powerful unit rivalling Granzon and its equivalent, and its successor Dis can erase an existence easily. Ingram himself is quite badass antihero since he serves no one and even tried to take down Euzeth himself. In OGverse He also serves the same role in Alpha though he piloted R-Gun Rivale instead of Astranagant since Euzeth suspected him for some reason. My SRW lore is really rusty now and i should get back to the series at some point. Once i had my painting tools again definitely i would get this guy but not at this moment. I wonder if Koto would do Dis as well since he is one of my wishlist for a long time already.

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  1. Too bad the version that comes with the green energy wings and the Infinite Cylinder effect part is a web exclusive, but I'll be sure to get it.