Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disgaea 4 Vita first playthrough

Another quite long gap of posting here due to plenty of distractions and such with one of those distractions is playing my way through Disgaea 4. I have played the 1st till the this one but only actually finished 2nd and 4th and due to the grindfest nature of the game it obviously too get the most out of the content. As for the 4th Disgaea i intended to unlock all the job class at very least which i am halfway through. Personally i find Disgaea 4 is kinda weak, even though the Story characters are interesting, the stage and props are kinda weak.Valvatorez would have been really cool character if not for the overuse of his Sardine Jokes. Compared to Disgaea 3 the generic classes are really cut down here so some of my favorites are not available in this game but again the game mechanics is getting better despite i missed combining the special attacks. While Disgaea 4 didn't use its potential to its fullest i still like Valvatorez and Artina pairing which could have been one of the best couple in the series since Adell and Rozalin. I will get Disgaea 5 if it ever goes portable which i doubt anytime soon and here some more Pics of the ValxArtina pairings

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