Monday, September 28, 2015

Knights of Sidonia ended

That was rather unexpected that the series ends this fast and the ending was rather anticlimactic but Knights of Sidonia did end the serialization with its 78th Chapter. While it was rather abrupt the ending is quite sweet and in some way Nagate did managed to meet Hoshijiro Shizuka in the end. I wonder if the serialization was intentionally cut short though the ending was an open one and could continue if Nihei wants it. Personally i find the main source driving the stories are the character interactions since Gauna is kinda like STMC and doesn't really have personality and probably Ochiai's treachery drive the story this far. I will give the anime a watch if they managed to cover up till the manga conclusion. I wonder if Nagate's last mecha will get a plamo too?

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  1. I only follow the anime series, still it's nice to know the ending through your post. Knights of Sidonia is definitely one of better mecha anime I had watched recently. It's kind of under-rated compared to Aldnoah-Zero.