Sunday, September 27, 2015

Recent Nendoroid Loots

  During my stay here in China i have been shopping online from Taobao alot. You can find lots of things there and it is easier for me to buy Japanese related stuffs  compared to browsing Evilbay. These are my recent Haul and i got them for decent price too. The first loot is the bomberman toys on the left which is the Super Bomber Armor which you can combine 3 different vehicles to form Giant Robot. I used to have this toy when i was a kid and got this for 50 RMB which is really good deal considering it was quite a vintage and quite impossible to find the japanese copy now. The rest of the loots are 2 Nendoroids which are Erica Fontaine and Nyaruko. While i don't really collect Nendos, they just happen to have the characters from the series i followed, as for Erica's i got her from supposedly official outlet of GoodSmile in China which is located in Shanghai. Won't review them anytime soon till i went back home and got the proper props. As for the Super Bomber Armor ,here is the look of the Combined robot form of the toys which will look more glorious once painted.


  1. Can't agree more that Taobao is as poisonous as EvilBay.. Lolz... My friends and I usually collate the orders and combined shipping. There are some unexpected finds at times.

  2. While Taobao is not friendly for non-chinese if you know how to look for stuff, there are lots of things to buy and compared to Evilbay , the japanese stuff in general are cheaper save for rare ones as China is close to Japan.

    Just wondering does it cost alot to ship stuff from China to SG?