Monday, September 14, 2015

Variable Action KG-6 Sleipnir

I watched Aldnoah Zero which is mediocre i guess since it got good visual and terrible main casts with terrible storyline but it got diggable mecha nonetheless. Megahouse adds another of their Variable Action lineup with the Aldnoah Zero Posterboy, Earth Faction mainstay Cataphract; Sleipnir. The model has been released early this year with price around 8000 yen. This version of Sleipnir is originally used as training units due to lighter frames and lesser armor but later used by Inaho A.K.A Mary Sue of the year as his Cataphract fighting against Vers Cataphracts. At its core design Sleipnir is a real robot but due to the broken skill off the Pilot, it is able to put toe to toe with Vers Super Robot-ish Cataphracts. As the name implies which is based on Norse Myth where Sleipnir is the steed of Deity Chief Odin, the one in this series is like one too since in the middle of the series, Inaho get even more broken with artificial eye replacement. Personally i find Aldnoah Zero is pretty forgettable due to terrible writing but i guess it has to do with the current taste of the audience which are getting worse each year. Anyway sometime soon the Sleipnir will get its space pack which has been used extensively on the second part of the series and i wonder if Tharsis will get any Variable action too? Actually scratch that, Tharsis got one but it costs whopping 24000 yen

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