Friday, April 15, 2016

Gear Fighter Dendoh PSX Game

 Dendoh is one of the series that i always really want to watch since it got some cool gimmicks and on top of that this was a mecha show directed by Fukuda before SEED debacle. Before there was SRW MX, there was this PSX Game for Gear Fighter Dendoh. It was really fun beat'em up game and i used to play this a lot when i was a 6th Grader. I think for Game that was intended for Cross-Promotion, it was rather well made if short and give really nice coverage on Dendoh before SRW R and MX included the series in their roster.

Lady Vega is probably one of the hottest mother in mecha series

  Gear Fighter Dendoh is your average Kids Mecha shows aimed to sell toys and probably some of its last kind made by Sunrise as the trend began to fade away by early 2000s. The premise is the usual invasion of earth by Alien and it is up to the chosen kids to save the Earth with Giant Robot. I think the PSX game should cover most of the part of series even though not as detailed as SRW MX pulled off.

Interestingly LaGowe from Gundam SEED was recycled from the Dendoh series

 On the most parts the PSX game of Gear Fighter Dendoh is a 2d side-scrolling beat em up with 3d sprites. The game also include some fighting game mechanics which allow Dendoh pull some special moves for extra awesomeness. In terms of difficulty, Dendoh was quite easy game considering it was intended for Kids demographics since It is really powerful in the game especially with Dendoh capable of grabbing any Opponents and toss them down with ease. I think the game managed to replicate all of the series Gimmicks rather well which one of them is Dendoh's power source gimmick which happen to be oversized battery stored on Dendoh's back.  

 The biggest gimmick of Dendoh series was Data Weapons, Animal based machines that are capable of transforming into weapons that Dendoh can equip to enhance its performance. In fact i think the main plot of the anime was all about the protagonists trying to gather all of the Data weapons to fend off Galvar Empire. The game includes all of the Data Weapons in the series which the player acquire one by one as the game progresses. The Data Weapons can be summoned to assist as screen wiping attacks in the beat'em up stage or equipped as weapon during 3D fight. From the way it is presented, i guess Dendoh is trying to emulate the trend of Pocket Monster with the Data Weapons.

Apart from the Side Scrolling Stage, Dendoh PSX game incorporate 3D fighting game levels throughout the game where Dendoh are pitted against Knight Ogre which the latter tend to job Badly. Dendoh's fighting style varies depending on the Data Weapon equipped and each Data Weapons got 2 different Finishers. While the story mode didn't allow you get to use all Data weapons in single run, the game have VS mode to get acquainted with the mechanics. Though the fighting mechanics are not too deep, it is still a fun game to play with Friends.

 For a game that was intended as commercials for toys, Dendoh is still a fun brawling game. I really look forward the time when the anime is fully subbed since playing this game and SRW makes me interested enough to look at the source material. I think i will do my second run for SRW MX as playing this game makes me eager to get back into the series again. Also one of these days i will try to find reasonably priced SRC from the series to be included to my collection.

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