Thursday, April 14, 2016

KidsLogic Shurato Action Figure Get!

 I think i have been seeing some new Shurato toys few years ago but not too observant about it. After some random lurking on Taobao, from some impulse buy decision i got myself Shura-Oh Shurato and Yasha-Oh Gai for 600 RMB or roughly 50 USD each. These Shurato Action Figures apparently made by KidsLogic, a Hongkong based Toy Company which surprised me for many reasons. On the first glance these Shurato Action Figure are on par with Bandai's Armor Plus with some metal parts for the armor though it could have more face sculpts in the package. These Shurato Action Figures can be bought from Kids Logic Website for 84 USD but  Taobao usually sold them slightly cheaper around 340 RMB. To me the Shurato anime was a disappointment with so much potential wasted but that doesn't prevent me to like the aesthetics of the series. I really wonder if Kidslogic are going to make more of Action Figures for Shurato since i would welcome other Hachibushu to my collection especially Ten-Oh Hyuga.

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  1. I only have Shurato.. Contemplating to to get Yusha as Kidslogic kind to stop the line and switch gears to egg attack stuff ...