Monday, April 11, 2016

Muvluv Schwarzesmarken Anime

Perhaps my opinion toward Muvluv was rather low after Alt Chronicle 3, but after watching Schwarzesmarken i guess i slightly regain my faith toward the series. By no means the anime version of Schwarzesmarken is the definitive version of the series but at least it fulfills its purpose successfully. Though at very least i think you should read Muvluv Alternative beforehand in order to appreciate what Schwarzesmarken Anime could offer.

MIG-21 Balalaika is quite awesome
 Schwarzesmarken is a spin-off story of Muvluv series revolving around the Elite East German 666 TSF Squadron who specialize in suicidal missions. The series Roughly taking place 10 Years after the first BETA landing where the world are fighting losing battles against BETA while still manage to bicker with each other due to cold war mentality. If Alternative is a story of man fight to save humanity, then Schwarzesmarken is the story of a man fight to preserve his sliver of hope toward humanity.

Initially i was rather skeptical toward Schwarzesmarken due to fanservices but overall i think the series plots are decent enough to breathe a fresh air into Muvluv series. After multiple Blunders from other spin-offs, at least Schwarzesmarken managed to get the setting Grimdark enough which was one of the major selling point of the series. Compared to Alternative most of the "grimdark"ness of Schwarzesmarken come from the political intrigues while it still got decent amount of deaths.

Fluff-wise Schwarzesmarken Anime does contribute alot to Muvluv-verse. The anime shows more detailed view on how TSF Squadrons deal with BETA in the transitional period between 1st and 2nd Generation TSF as well as the sheer horror of these Alien creatures bring to the frontline. It certainly sucks if you fight as footsoldier in the frontline against hordes of those Tank Classes trying to have piece of you. At the same time the series also provide good insight how the cold war tensions between the Nations cost them dearly by the time of Alternative.

F-14 Jolly Roger Squad with the Phoenix missiles
On the end note, Schwarzesmarken succeed to show a different sides for Muvluv series while maintaining the appeal of the series. Despite the Anime appeared to be minimalistic, it managed to get me interested to look into the original Light Novel or VN which to me the anime succeeds at its goal. I will definitely look forward for the localization of Schwarzesmarken VN which hopefully is not just pure re-telling of the story especially more insight on how the protagonist of this series end up in the circumstances of his in TE. Also i still hope one day we get some Muvluv action game since it is a sin for such delicious mecha designs do not have such treatment. Perhaps for now i will just re-read Muvluv Alternative.

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