Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some shots for Shiranui UN version

 I accidentally deleted my photoshots on Shiranui UN for stupid reason and here are some of what i can salvage from. I intend to do another take on this guy which i will do once i finished reading Muvluv Alternative which i intend to do in near future despite 6 months of procrastinating. This time i will do it with better setups compared to last time since these pictures are taken with Digital Camera instead of DSLR. Anyway case here are some of the shots that were taken for the Review.


  1. Cool that u managed to savage some of those pics. Shiranui is my favorite mecha from Muv-Luv. Also having this on my collection and had sent it for custom spraying by pro modeler

    1. Koto's muvluv kit definitely require more works than average Gunpla but they look really gorgeous if worked on the right hand.