Friday, December 2, 2016

Hauls from AFA SG 2016

 Since this is my first time attending AFA i suppose i purchase too many stuffs on impulse from my shopping spree and spent like around 200 SGD in 2 Days visit. Compared to SMASH! AFA definitely have more things to purchase since they have some actual good bargains hanging around. I acquired my loots pretty evenly from Vendors, Artist Circle, Lotteries, Showbags and Freebies. From my acquisition this year i managed to get the Frame Arms Girl T-Shirt from Janken contest on Kotobukiya booth which fleets in a moment. 

 Spent like 65 SGD for One Figurine and 2 Nendos. Bought Miku Acute Version since i dont have any vocaloid figurine. Bought Two nendoroids from La Tendo despite never a big fan of the lineup but for $20 each it was a steal. The Two Nendoroids are Cryska from Muvluv and Mirai Suenaga from Danny Choo. Not a follower of Danny Choo but might use the props.

 Bought two showbags from AFA and glad not to buy more, While $15 for each Showbag is still acceptable the content in general are mostly unusable. I dont think even the Showbags sold by the bigger vendor worth the price tag.

As i mentioned earlier i spent quite abit on Ichiban Kuji which are some kind of paper lottery. Each tries mostly cost around $10 SGD depending on the series and Pokemon seems to be the most popular one for this year's AFA. As for me i tried Neko Atsume which i did 6 tries though my luck is not good on this one.

 From the Artist Circle all i get is Tamamo's poster and some Gundam Badges. Fortunately there is at least one Circle selling mecha stuff. While i am not a big follower of Gundam i supported the circle so that they continue their passion on mecha and perhaps they will make more stuffs other than Gundam.

From this year's shopping lesson i will probably shop smarter and might as well raise my budgets for next year's AFA.


  1. That's a lot of loots for $200. I didn't buy anything this AFASG. I was looking for the Malaysian artist selling those SD Gundam stickers and batch but couldn't find due to the crowd. Partly, I didn't stay long enough.

    1. Yep the crowd is kinda terrible in AFA. the Malaysian artist you were looking for was nearby Akiba Stage and in fact i bought those gundam badges from him. Hopefully he will make more stuffs in the future AFA