Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ys Origin announced for Vita

 It has been Five years since i played Ys Origin and i have to say really glad that the game will be ported to Vita and PS4 soon. Slated for February Next Year, DotEmu will be the one that handle the western release for Ys Origin port. While Falcom series are usually handled by Xseed i suppose DotEmu's port would be good enough considering they handle Ys port on Itunes. While Ys Origin is not my favorite Ys title since i prefer the ones with Adol, it is very solid entry to the series considering it perfected the game engine used in Felghana and Napishtim not to mention the overall music score from this game is one of the best in the series too. I can't say i am too surprised with the announcement considering most of Ys Title can be accessed through Vita and Origin just complete the set. I wonder if Origin will come in Physical copies but i think more curious with the extras that will come with the port.

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