Sunday, December 11, 2016

君の名は - Your Name Movie

 Managed to watch this movie along with friends recently and it is very satisfying ride for sure! I have been seeing this movie being praised a lot by many people and this movie definitely deserves it. Kimi no Na wa or Your Name is a teenage drama movie with a highschool boy and girl accidentally swapped bodies as the main premise of the story. The movie's storyline is minimalistic but able to deliver very powerful emotions and make use of every moment really well. But what makes this movie special that it is a very good coming of age movie making myself miss my teenage years. Lastly Kimi no Na wa is probably a fresh breath to the stagnating market of Japanese animation and i hope the animation industry could reflect upon themselves with this movie. Makoto Shinkai have solid reputation in his field before but with Kimi no Na wa, he definitely establish himself in the public. Makoto Shinkai may be nowhere to Miyazaki at the moment but one day if he could consistently pull quality stuff like this this movie, Makoto Shinkai will remembered by people as Miyazaki's equal. I think i will look into Shinkai's stuffs more now and on the body swapping theme this movie really reminds me of Remember 11 Visual Novel which explore deeper using the premise.


  1. This is the type of movie you really have to watch it to know the X-Factor. When my nephew introduced the movie to me, I was rather skeptical cos I seldom watched anime without actions. As I watched the movie, I find myself wanting to continue more as it's more than meets the eye. Intellectual and some really touching moments.

    1. I know that kind of skeptical feeling considering Anime over the past years are massive disappointment most of the time.