Thursday, December 1, 2016

Super Robot Taisen (SRW) V Original mecha and character revealed!

 Abit late but recent Dengeki Hobby issues had revealed the Original Character and mecha for upcoming SRW V for Vita and PS4. The original protagonist mecha is called Van Grey which looks like Dakka oriented original. On the first glance, the design is a straight rip from Linebarrel with bits from Armored Core 4 and perhaps a dash of Gundam 00. The Head fin definitely gives out really familiar vibe

 As for the Original Protagonist for SRW V they come as a pair it seems. The male protagonist is named Murakumo Seiji while the Female one is Kisaragi Chitose. So far nothing other than the name has been revealed so far. But the male protagonist gives the impression of Adult version of Koichi from Linebarrel with tanned skin where as the heroine seems like your token eyecandy.

 I find the recently original design for SRW is rather a miss for me i suppose it has to do from the departure of the homage of older mecha series as the newer designs feels completely different when compared to SRW OG mechas. Unlike G Generation Genesis, SRW V is definitely a day one buy for me. For your interest the game will come in two different flavors, regular and deluxe edition. You are paying over 10000 Yen for the vocal version of each series theme which may or may not appeal to you.


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    1. Cant be helped considering the one behind the mecha design is the Linebarrel Mangaka himself.