Thursday, February 9, 2017

Capcom Figure Builder Mizutsune

 With Monster Hunter Generation release it is bound to happen that the flagship monster will get figure treatment though i never thought Mizutsune had a good chance for its figure to be made. Slated for may release with over 12000 Yen price tag with two different versions. Normally this amazing lineup cost around 6000-8000 Yen price range but i still wonder why Mizutsune fetch such a high price. In MH Gens, Mizutsune or Tamamitsune is one of the 4 Elemental Flagship Monster representing Water Element. This Fox wyvern is capable of producing bubbles from its skin which helps it to pull off fast and elusive maneuver as well as trapping hunters with it. Personally i think Mizutsune's theme is the best from the Elite 4 and considering 2 of them already got a figure treatment is still wonder if Gammoth and Astalos will catch up? Nevertheless they will eventually get the smaller version eventually.

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