Thursday, February 16, 2017

Figuarts Zero Kingdom Shin Review

 Bought this figure in Hongkong last year in an Expo for 50 HKD since i really like Kingdom and thought might as well support the series by purchasing this figure. The Japanese version was around 3000 Yen but this Hongkong version is legit copy definitely. Shin is the main protagonist of Chinese Warring States Period Manga Kingdom, who is a Qin peasant fighting his way through to be the best General in the middle kingdom. He is your typical hotheaded shonen protagonist but a better one.

  This Figure Rendition of Shin is the version where Shin had become 1000-unit General after performing a great achievement during Qin campaign against Wei where he defeated one of Renpa's Retainer. Kingdom is not famous for its drawing but it is a great manga due to the sheer amount of emotions that the manga able to portray. This figure of shin is portrayed taking stance ready to take on any opponent overcoming any odds. Given the popularity of the manga probably someday we will have another Shin Figurine where he had become the Great General. And Seriously Kingdom is one of the best recent Shonen Manga even though it had some shaky beginning.


  1. I ever watched the anime but stopped watching just after a few episodes cos the fleeing and assassination part kind of bored me. Since u mentioned rocky start but plot gets better as it progresses, I shall give this anime another chance..

    1. The anime is not that good, Manga is all the way to go for this series as the former unable to display the glory of the series