Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Saya no Uta Wing 1/7 Saya Figurine

 At long last we finally got a proper figurine for one of the best Horror VN in Nitroplus Library which is no other than for the Mysterious Saya from Saya no Uta! The figure is scheduled for July 2017 with hefty price tag of 17800 Yen but nevertheless it is very beautiful figurine. Nothing perfectly captures the theme of Saya no Uta other than by a stark contrast with innocent and pure looking Saya floating on a grotesque landscape. This version of Saya with Angelic Wings is her final stage in one of the ending where she is ready to propagate her kind supposedly creating a better world for Fuminori. Going with Lovecraftian terms Saya no Uta would be a love story between a shoggoth and a maniac. Nevertheless Saya no Uta is a twisted yet beautiful story of forbidden love and probably the best Lovecraftian adaptation by Japanese so far despite it only borrows a little from the theme. Back then there were also some decent Saya no Uta figurines as well but kinda inaccessible for General consumer. While the figurine is kinda expensive i might consider to get it to complete my lovecraftian heroine set and place it beside Al-Azif. Seriously if you havent read Saya no Uta you are missing one of the best VN that shows good VN can be a short one too.

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