Thursday, February 23, 2017

Robot Damashii Ver Ka Huckebein

 Well well this is quite a surprise, The Vanishing Trooper is back! Considering Bandai's stance towards Huckebein in the past where they try to get rid of them for being a threat to their Gundam. Nothing much revealed about this product right now other than being in development we got good chance for this thing to be released around the end of this year. It is kinda irony that Huckebein got Katoki Treatment considering it was originally Katoki's design in the first place but everything is good with the Blackhole Cannon.

 Out of all Huckebein, The First Huckebein is the one with least blocky design and potentially most powerful in terms of Raw Firepower. In SRW series Huckebein was mostly well known to be powerful prototype Personal Trooper but highly volatile due to usage of Tronium Engine which makes piloting this unit is akin to playing russian roulette. I suppose this announcement was in conjunction with Huckebein's Cameo in SRW V but i hope Kotobukiya would consider to reboot their SRW line soon with their recent success with Frame Arms Girl. This is no doubt the best current version of Huckebein Mark 1 so far and perhaps even one day Bandai would even consider to release Huckebein Boxer.

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