Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jakarta Toys Fair 2017 Field Report

 Last weekend i happened to attend this Toy Event in Balai Kartini as i come to Jakarta last week for some errand. Jakarta Toy Fair is a yearly toy convention in Jakarta where the local hobby stores gather up and sell both Japanese and Western Toys. In terms of Display the convention got some nice stuffs considering companies like Lego and Bandai also participate the event. As for the shopping experience i find most of the stuffs sold in the event are rather pricey though there are some rare stuffs around if you are willing to pay for it. I am rather surprised that Bandai didn't raise a fuss at the event that there are vendors selling bootleg stuff. At the moment I find Jakarta Toy Fair still needs improvement to become a noteworthy event but i believe it will get better next time.

Jakarta's Infamous Governor Ahok Figurine up for preorder!
Hot Toys Everywhere!

Daizengar Mecha Musume!
Indonesia's Kamen Rider called Satria Bima X which actually looks cool even though i dont follow tokusatsu

My catch from the event!

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  1. Lots of envious bro! Seriously, customized Ahok! Heard of his news over at my end too! The scale of fair is really huge! Nice loots especially that FSS and Sakura War kits! Rare stuffs!