Thursday, May 11, 2017

Double Zeta Gundam

 Guess Iron Blooded Orphans make me decide to marathon my Gundam Anime backlog and went for Double Zeta after Unicorn. As a Gundam series ZZ is still a decent one but plagued by many problems stemming from the burden of being Zeta Gundam successor. For me, the main issue with ZZ is that it feels that the series are not focused which results in Half Baked characters and rather shaky if not wacky beginning. The first Half of the series is rather unbearable but the second half of ZZ do get better and now i get to see the infamous "Moon Moon"! The Protagonists in ZZ are definitely overshadowed by Zeta considering the Shangrilla Misfits are nowhere as good as Liutenant Quattro team and they survived mainly due to sheer luck. However Judau Ashta is one of the most likeable UC Era protagonist and i liked him better than Amuro or Kamile. This is because he is one of the most compassionate Gundam Protagonist out there without being too hypocritical and manage to retain his humanity even after going through horrors of war. Heck even he still managed to be badass in Late UC whether it is canonical or not. No doubt with his Personality, Judau would really get along with Garrod from Gundam X

 Fluff-wise the main points that i grasp from ZZ is that EFSF are already hopeless at this point and the biggest tragedy is that AEUG fight to maintain the stagnant status quo. I can see how the events in ZZ precipitated to Char's fall to Despair and lead to CCA event. Had Neo Zeon didnt collapse due to Civil War, i guess some better reform could have existed and i would look forward to see ZZ alternate take on next Gihren's Greed. With ZZ finished, i have watched most of Universal Century titles save for V Gundam and the Recent Thunderbolt and overall i got 3 Gundam TV series left away from completion. As a Gundam series, Double Zeta might be weak title but it is far from the worst though watching the series straight after Zeta do give you some shock Therapy.

 Also from ZZ Gundam, now i get why Elpeo Ple is such popular character at its time. Had she not died in the series, i think she has the best chance to be Judau's lover. But SRW gave plenty of consolation for such scenario already and in any case have some Purus!


  1. Unfortunately I didn't complete this series. Maybe is the character development or the story pace. It just didn't sustain my interest. I'm more into those OVAs during U.C timeline.

    1. ZZ Protagonists are definitely hard to like and in General Gundam OVA quality are better than TV Series. Despite its glaring flaws, Double Zeta still deserve to hold the title of Gundam