Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo

 I generally avoid Isekai series because it is the cesspit of poorly written escapism story but Konosuba piqued my interest due the amount of merchandise that Konosuba had over short period and so i thought giving the anime a chance. My expectation wasn't that high but certainly Konosuba is quite entertaining to watch. Konosuba is a series that make fun of Isekai trope by having bunch of Misfits as the protagonists. Having a Neet Betakun protagonist accompanied by dysfunctional harems of Pathetic Goddess, Explosive obsessed loli magician and Sadomasochistic Knight does make good combo for an amusing story. In a way Konosuba entertained me like Haiyore Nyaruko San because the series doesn't take itself seriously. If i can't have my decently written High Fantasy like Lodoss then i don't mind some distractions like Konosuba for a while. So far i have finished both seasons since 10 Episodes for each are quick to finish. Personally i find first season is good while the second lacking, but i think the series easily could continue until the 4th Season. I suppose Deen Studio will have something to keep them afloat after struggling in recent years. Konosuba won't be a good fantasy story, it will give you a good laugh while it last!


  1. I like the first season and hope to soon continue as I'm watching Cross Cronicle at the moment. My fav character is Darkness.

    1. Megumin is probably the most popular out of three Heroines but personally i watch the series just to see Aqua get tormented