Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chogokin Guruguru Doraemon

 Doraemon series is one of the most memorable childhood for majorities in Asia and now it seem that Bandai is going to exploit it by releasing some interesting toy for this series. Slated for September this year, Guruguru Doraemon has some interesting tricks on its pocket For 8000 Yen Price tag. This Doraemon diecast toy has couple of gimmicks to live up to its title, an onomatopoeia for spinning in Japanese. Guruguru Doraemon has neat gimmick that by pushing down Doraemon's it will either change its expression or literally take out of something from its pocket. This toy serve as Spiritual successor of GachaGacha Doraemon which was sold around 10 years ago which certainly a step up from its predecessor. I will probably keep watch on this toy because for 8000 Yen price tag, the gimmick is rather lacking for now because this version only comes with 8 Tools which was lesser compared to its predecessor. I think if the response is positive for this item then probably Bandai will release more accessories. Lastly i think with 8000 Yen, Bandai could have added voice effect for the toy. Just watch the official video below for better look on Guruguru Doraemon's gimmick.

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