Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gundam Unicorn Finale thoughts

 Very late to the party on this one but managed to finish this Gundam OVA. While it is not the conclusion that i prefer for Universal Century, Gundam Unicorn has a fitting end to wrap up the early UC timeline. Unicorn will be remembered as the series that has one of the best mecha fight animation in gundam franchise but it is still riddled with issues. To me i just find the Gundam Unicorn tried too hard to shove its message to its viewer which is translated into Banagher Links aka Banana, one of the most idiotic mary sue Gundam Protagonist.

 The Laplace Box reveal does make sense but at the same time it makes the whole conflicts until UC Gundam feels futile. I understand the intention for the Anti-War Message, but the Laplace Box just makes the cause of struggle between Zeon and Federation are baseless to the point of being disrespectful. Nevertheless at its core i can see that conclusion of Laplace Box is that a well intentioned lie can snowball into nightmarish vicious cycle. It is just depressing that good characters in previous Gundam series struggled and literally died for nothing when the truth being revealed.

 With this i guess i can stomach the Gundam Unicorn stages in SD Gundam Genesis. But seriously i don't really like how Bandai put too much spotlight on this series because it just got too many magical hax bs. I still wonder if the existence of UC Gundam makes the Late UC titles being retconned too. For now i am just curious how Sunrise will handle the transition.


  1. One of my fav UC series and brings back a lot of memories of the earlier happenings and gave quite the conclusive endings just the futile efforts by the pioneers kind of discredited the pilots. My fav phase would be "There is no shame in coming back alive. The difference is luck." This OVA also brings out the best of those cannon fodders.

    1. The main character makes it hard for me to like the series, but the Grunt MS is no doubt the best in this one. The Byarlant Kai scene is the coolest imo