Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wonderfest Summer 2017 Highlights

 As usual i always do coverage about Wonderfest whenever they appear. Compared the one earlier this year, The summer 2017 doesn't seem as exciting to me as you see more of the Manufacturer's progress on their prototype from the Winter Wonderfest. As always only mecha related stuff that piqued my interest and stay away from moeshits like a plague. In any case Kotobukiya and Sentinel seems to fill my expectation again this time.

 With their recent success with Frame Arms Girl, Koto definitely focus more on releasing mecha musume kits and Gaogaigar is chosen as their first crossover material. Depending on the success of the lineup, i think it is likely that we are going to see some SRW OG Mecha Musumes in the future. By the way the Raftclans Model Kit use Al Van's Palette after all, but i will paint mine as Touya's anyway. Zoids also remain to be Koto's top tier plastic model and we are getting the CAS of Berserk Fuhrer which Sturm happen to come first. Jagd probably will come out whenever Kotobukiya feels like make it. And since the announcement of the LOGH figure lineup, we got to see more of the prototype and the finished version of Yang Wenli is superb. Yang will be definitely instant buy and since Reinhard comes with the cape after all i might All three characters if it is affordable enough.

 Looks like Sentinel going to beat Bandai one day in making High End Mecha Toys because they keep making Quality stuff. The Mospeada Power Armor catch my attention the most and it seems i will be getting it if it is affordable enough.

Max Factory kinda catch me out off guard with what appears to be some Variant of Zeorymer Model kit which is certainly out of nowhere but will be keeping a tab on it. They also begin to make Figmas for the Personas from SMT series and if maybe i will get one if they ever made one for Yoshitsune or Cu Chulainn.

Thats the highlight for the Summer Wonderfest booth that pique my interest. I think Next Years Wonderfest should have something in store to keep us surprised.

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  1. Awesome! Lots of Mecha line up and especially those of your interest.