Sunday, December 31, 2017

Yami reflecting on Year 2017

 Time sure goes so fast and it has been already 8 Years since Realm of Darkness started its Journey. 2017 is another important chapter for this blog and myself as i turn a new leaf on my life. Early this year i somehow managed to land a job in Hobby Industry and very grateful for the opportunity. The job itself might not be that perfect but getting surrounded with toys everyday is certainly a Collector's wildest dream! And by working in the Hobby Industry, Realm of Darkness itself saw some increase in activity compared to previous 3-4 years. For 2018 i don't really have much target but hopefully i can deliver more Quality Review for this blog. As much as i see storm brewing in 2018 onward for the toy industry, maintain your passion in toys and keep collecting! Here is my Hauls from the recent second half of this year


  1. Happy 2018 and looking at the amount of toys you have stocked up! The armo for toy blogging is there, waiting for u to pull the trigger. Cheer!

    1. Happy new Year too. I definitely got plenty of Materials that can be worked on but just doesn't have enough time to make one.