Saturday, August 14, 2010

1/100 00 Raiser Designer ver Review

Plenty of pics this time.

This week i decided to make 1/100 00 Raiser designer ver since i will use this kit for my entry in Hobbylink tv competition. I am content with this kit though there are some flaws that dissapoint me.

00 Raiser is the lead Gundam in 00 Gundam series. It is true form of 00 Gundam by 0 Raiser joining 00 Gundam in this form, 00 Gundam shows its greatest potential and it is the strongest Gundam that Celestial Being possess. 0 Raiser stabilise the flaws of the twin drive system that 00 gundam had. 00 Raiser is focused on close combat though it is capable to fight in the ranged combat really well. 00 Raiser main weapons consist of pair of beam sabers, pair of katars, pair of GN sword 2 and GN Sword 3 which is the strongest weapon that 00 Raiser possess. In Trans-am mode 00 Raiser is able to pull off "Raiser's Sword Technique which is a gigantic beam sword which cuts through literally anything.

Personally i prefer 00 gundam rather than 00 Raiser since i think 00 Raiser is way too bulky which makes it unconvincing to be close range mecha, i bought special action base for 00 Raiser since i think it would be more suitable for 00 Raiser.

GN Sword 2 is probably the weapon that 00 Raiser use te most, it can also serve as ranged weapon which unleash beam and in 00 Raiser form the GN sword is capable of unleashing beam shock waves and emit beams to increase the weapon length.

probably the katar is the least frequent used by 00 Gundam and i forgot already when 00 gundam use it as a shield.

Probably the thing that makes 00 Raiser Designer ver is as expensive as MG is because of having 3 LEDs which i think 1 is already enough.

In 00 Raiser form GN Sword 2 can be combined to form double blade, the only time when 00 Raiser use this weapon is during the fight with Mr Bushido in Susanowo, i find it is pretty cool and probably my favorite weapon from 00 Raiser.

GN Sword III is the last weapon that 00 Raiser possess, If my memory serves right 00 Raiser get this weapon before the final confrontation begin and other CB gundams got their GNHW Equipment.

I think 00 Raiser Designer Ver is too expensive and the i am pretty pissed off with mine since the 0 Raiser's wing is really loose and easily drop from the GN Drive and the Katar's sheath is loose as well. I guess if 00 Raiser was going to have its MG probably the price is pretty expensive. I hope Bandai would release MG Reborns gundam since it is one of the best design from 00 Gundam.


  1. This is a really clean build and it looks really good. I like the markings on it ^^. I've wanted to buy this model on several occasions but never got myself to actually fork out the money for one.

    Just dropping by to say hi =)

  2. Thanks for the comment :), if you are considering to get one better save up more money since i heard that 00 Gundam will get MG on November which might be 00 Raiser.

  3. I changed the hand and used the MG wing zero extra hand and the hand cap fits the wing zero hand

  4. If i had spare MG hands i would have done the same thing as well considering this kit only has a set of hand.