Saturday, August 14, 2010

Completed my 00 Gundam Designer Ver Collection

My thought about 00 Gundam as well

With 00 Raiser Designer Ver finished my S2 Gundam collection is completed as well, i didn't expect that i will be getting all of the 00 Gundam designer's version. First Designer ver that i had is Seravee Gundam since there was a free shipping promotion if i get this kit and later Arios and Cherudim was on sale as well and the last one is 00 Raiser. The S2 CB Gundam is the 4th Generation Gundam created by Celestial Being, all of them still retain the original GN Drive that they had in the First Season of 00 Gundam. Personally i don't like 00 Gundam series since the story is not convincing for me and i hate the some of the supporting character for being useless, but at least the main CB cast is pretty good.

My favorite character is Lockon since his character development is really good and Cherudim is pretty badass gundam with plenty of the tricks it can pull off.

Some of his best Quotes

"Shooting Down the Target!"

"This is How Celestial Being rocks"

Lockon Stratos

While my second favorite character is Hallelujah(not Allelujah) since he is a badass psychopath and his piloting skill is too awesome while i hate Allelujah for being a wimp who is overworried with Marie.

"Let me show you the power of True Super Soldier!"

Hallelujah Baptism

As for Setsuna F. Seiei and Tierie Erde i don't have much Impression about them. Setsuna F. Seiei has good character development though i hate him because 00 Raiser has too much screen time and with his Innovator power probably he is one of the most broken Gundam Pilot. As for Tieria the greatest impression that i had about him is that he is an awesome trap.

"Setsuna F, Seiei, clearing path to the future!"
Setsuna F. Seiei

As for the conclusion i think i won't build gundam kits for a while since i still had other kits to work on, i wish there is GNHW sets for the 1/100 scale or at least GN Archer since only 00 Raiser had the complete weapon.

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