Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now watching Patlabor

Looking for English Subs Online vids

I begin to watch this old anime few days ago and currently up to 5th episodes for now, can't really find the english sub and watched the english dub instead(not bad but i still prefer the japanese seiyuu). Even though it is an old school, the anime the story looks pretty promising and i like this series easily probably since i watched some of it when i was a kid.

So far what i can grasp from the story that it revolves around police division whose members are pretty incompetent, but perhaps they get much better later. in the patlabor universe things are worked with using labors, 4-5m mecha and the police division use Labor as well in order to preserve the law and these labors are known as Patrol Labor(Patlabor).

The mecha design in this series look really awesome for me especially the head, too bad the equipment is not that good considering Ingram is just a police labor so it is only equipped with revolver and eletric baton which make they are not that suitable for SRW candidates.

If you want to watch good old mecha series then patalbor would be one of good choice, this series is lack of bloodshed though.

1st OP for the patlabor, have 90s tunes but pretty catchy

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