Thursday, August 12, 2010

LOGH Gaiden

Great Prologue of the Epic series

Few days ago i finished watching LOGH Gaiden, LOGH gaiden takes place before the main series takes place. The Gaiden focused about Reinhard and Kircheis, they are sent to frontline and unknowingly planned to be killed by Nobles who despised her sister since she became the Kaiser's favorite concubine despite her low noble status.The gaiden shows the ordeals that
Reinhard faced before he reached up the position in the LOGH which is Admiral i believe.

Too bad Yang Wenli did not appear that much in the Gaiden, he appeared mostly during the 6th Siege of Iserlohn where he try to warn his higher ups about the risk with no success at all, he managed to neutralize Reinhard's tactics but no apparent result in the end.

While the main character of Free Planet Alliance didn't show up, one of his retainer had plenty of screentime. In the Gaiden Walter von Schenkopp got second longest screen time after Reinhard and Kircheis, in the Gaiden Schenkopp was second in command of RosenRitter and he was stationed in supply base on a planet which eventually become the greatest turning point in the battle. Later in the gaiden he will eventually lead the RosenRitter and defeat his former commander who defect to Galactic Empire in order to resolve his past conflicts. I didn't like Schenkopp in the LOGH since his squad are way to OP but i begin to like him in the gaiden, his fight with Kircheis was the best scene in the Gaiden in my opinion.

Basically LOGH gaiden covered up part just before LOGH begin, and the conclusion of the Gaiden explains thing happening in LOGH. If any LOGH fan have not watch this sidestory they should do since it is really good.

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