Friday, August 13, 2010

1/35 MG Ingram 3rd Review

Pretty nice old MG kit.

Last week i finished my 1/35 Ingram 3rd, it has been a while since i built  Bandai's Master Grade lineup, i am not familiar with Patlabor but it was one of the TV shows that i watched when i was a kid therefore it give me pretty deep impression.

Ingram 3rd rarely seen in the TV series since most of the time, Special vehicle division 2 sortied in 2 Labors only. This unit first seen in action when it assist Ingram 1 to fight with Brocken Labor, and later in the second movie Officer Nagumo used this Labor.

Since it is Old MG, the articulation is not as good as the present MG lineups but the kit is still much better compared to most of the kotobukiya kits in terms of sturdiness since the parts do not loose easily.

In the real scale, Patlabor mecha are pretty small, they are slightly bigger compared to KMF in reality they are pretty much classified into small sized mecha.

One of the most distinct point from Patlabor's mech is that there is Revolver inside on of the legs which i found to be awesome when i was a kid.

Ingram 3rd are equipped with Revolver and Stun Baton as weapons and their functionalities are pretty much the same with standard issue equipments of police in real world. I wish Patlabor's mecha appear in SRW though with the armaments they are pretty much useless RR even if they are glorified. In the movie, it shown that Ingram 3 also has ECM ability which disrupt electronical device including itself.

Just some funny pics that i take inspired by a picture in 4 chan where 3 Ingrams arrest Gundam mk II,  if the articulation of this MG was much better i would have taken shots where Ingram do the Wristlock. I am satisfied with this kit overall and it would have been nice if there are some MG Flight Type still in stock.

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