Monday, July 4, 2011

Composite Ver Ka: Shinkirou

Another mecha design that got Katoki treatment for Action figure. Shinkirou or known as Mirage is the personal KMF of Lelouch in Code Geass R2 where it boasts for impenetrable defense which can deflect a battleship class artilleries with no effort. I didn't expect that Shinkirou had lots of ornament all over the body since the one that i see in Code Geass R2 didn't have that much. I also never know that Shinkirou had alternate form which probably i miseed when i watch the anime. The action figure come with the Shield effect parts and a staff which i assume as FLEIJA controller though the one i recall was not that big. The action figure has been released already with the price of 5800 yen which is quite common for this class of action figure. I would say Shinkirou would be a great addition for those who got Lancelot Albion ver Ka already since they complement with each other.

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