Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smash 2011 field report

Should have taken more pictures

This very Saturday i attend one of the biggest Anime convention called SMASH which i went as well 2 years ago. At this particular time, i decided to join the anime convention mainly since i join the Gundam model kit competition called BMKWC. The convention is still is great as ever with the thousands people joining up to this event. This event really worth to go for myself since i get to meet some fellow members of GAF.

This time the SMASh event takes place in Sydney Exhibition Center which is located near Darling Harbour. It seems that Anime fans in Sydney and Australia had really great enthusiasm and i see many people cosplay which i see couple of them are amazing. Unfortunately this post won't cover the cosplay part but you will find more cosplays photos in SMASH showing up in

The main events in the SMASH would be the guest panel in the auditorium where attendants can meet guest featured in this convention such as Mr. Nabeshin, the director of Excel Saga, person who is behind the Abridged series, Little Kuriboh to Composer of several well known game title such as final fantasy and Koudelka; Hiroki Kikuta and Kenji Ito. I came to Little Kuriboh and Nabeshin's panel which i find really interesting. Too bad i am unable to attend the Kikuta and Ito's panel since it conflict with other activity that i attend.

Smash also feature other events from the Guest Panel from karaoke, maid cafe, art room, anime screenings and Gundam workshop obviously. Personally i should have attended the later gundam workshop since i got the FG Virtue instead of Blue Frame which i got 2 years ago but at least i challenged myself and did finish the model within 18-20 minutes. I attend some of the activity and miss some that i am interested with since some of the good events came up pretty early and quite impossible to attend due to traffic in the entrance.

Here are some shots of the contested models in the BMKWC and i should have taken more pics. There are several categories in this one where i join the 1/100 Secondary contest. The Hyaku Shiki that you saw is my entry kit though i didn't win since competition is too intense in this category. There are couple of my favorites in this contest which i had thought it could won the position. I good really good experience from this competition and i definitely i will join up the competition next year if there is one.

The sponsor of this Event, Hobbyco also exhibit their own Diorama which replicate the Battle of Hu Lao Gate from BB Sangokuden which is the ROTK version of SD Gundam. I would say the details are really awesome which i wonder when  i will be able to reach this kind of modelling skill.

From the conventions i did get some loots which include some anime DVD and Hourglass of Summer AKA Natsuiro no Sunadokei which i heard that it has really good stories while it is clean version and i will look forward whether the VN met my expectation or not. This is the end of my report of the SMASH 2011 though i guess it is rather incomplete but i will promise that the field report from the next convention that i attend will be much better.

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