Friday, July 15, 2011

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC thoughts

Best modern adaptation of classic JRPG.

Since i completed Ghargharv Trilogy, i didn't have anymore reason to hold back into 6th series of Legend of Heroes known as Trails in the Sky or Sora no Kiseki. This is definitely one of the best RPG i have ever played since it has what it takes to be a great series which are: Story, Character and Settings. Fortunately Xseed still willing to translate this game despite it has been years already better than leaving this masterpiece to be untranslated. Unfortunately after finishing this game i had an urge to play the Sequel which is unfortunately still untranslated and supposedly the story is even more epic compared to this game.

The story of Trails in the Sky focus around a Teen Girl, Estelle Bright who is the daughter of the renowned hero Cassius Bright and she seems to be oblivious with her father's reputation. In the FC the story revolves around her quest to become a full fledged Bracer which is person belong to an organization that help citizens from finding missing person/item to investigate incidents regardless of nation with her adoptive brother Joshua. During her quest she met alot of people from fellow bracers to random travelling musician. Throughout her journey she and Joshua unknowingly involved in a conspiracy that might bear undesirable outcome in to her kingdom.

In the FC Estelle travel throughout her kingdom known as Liberl which is small but prosper due to their advanced Orbment technology. Starting from her hometown Rolent to various cities in Liberl until the Capital of the kingdom itself, Grancel. The story is divided into 5 chapters where each chapters take place in each major city and there are also sidequests during each chapter which can be missable.

From each chapter, Estelle and Joshua is slowly getting caught in the conspiracy which is orchestrated by an army division in Liberl itself. The mastermind of this whole conspiracy happening in first chapter is Colonel Richard who is the recent popular general who is the leader of the intelligent division who is also Cassius apprentice. Colonel Richard is not really a bad guy since his actual intention is good considering all of his actions done is for the sake of Liberl itself because he doesn't want Liberl to get trampled by other kingdom which happen years before the story takes place even he will assist the main character in SC as a powerful ally. In the end he is being used by the actual villain and all of his actions are used to trigger the villain's plan.

This game still retains the gameplay mechanics of Ghargharv trilogy series and Falcom refined it really good. The battle is still turn based RPG which require good strategy and some battles can be time consuming. The magic system in this game is done by Orbment system where you can customize the  character's ability and their magic orientation at the same time. Some of the battle can be frustrating if you don't set up your party properly.

One of the best aspect of Sora no Kiseki is the character itself. Each playing characters are well written which make them really compatible with the world setting and they still even have room for character development even the game is finished. I have to say Estelle is very well written female protagonist which she does deserve the position as the main character. The setting of the game is really awesome as well, the game is already awesome while it only cover a fraction of the world itself while still maintain to be self contained in its own chapter. Long Story short Sora no Kiseki still promise even more epic character and story. Music is great as expected from Falcom which had superb sound team though Ys series still had the best one in my opinion.

If you play this game most likely you will fall in love with the Sora no Kiseki universe as it is just plain... beautiful. Though you will also agonize that you have to wait for the Sequel as the ending of this game is cliffhanger and most likely the game will be released not until the second half of next year. But for me i will be waiting patiently until Xseed manage to finish their masterpiece.

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