Monday, July 11, 2011

My recent loot for this month: part 1

This is some part of my recent haul since currently it is holiday time for me.  As promised i get couple of MGs as a part for addition of gundam material for this blog. I bought the Takemikazuchi, MG Ez-8 and FSS manga 3rd volume from HLJ while i got the Hyaku Shiki from Amiami since pretty much of HLJ's stockpile of MG running dry during this month and surprisingly i got the Hyaku Shiki 10 days after the notice which is surprisingly fast since my experience with Amiami with SAL package is that they tend to arrive longer than 3 weeks. I am preparing something special for the Takemikazuchi and Hyaku Shiki while probably EZ-8 going to be a straight build. In total there are 4 more other items left from my order to be arrived probably within this week.

Currently i got all 3 Reboot Manga and by far the third volume is the thickest one of out of three which is twice the thickness of the first volume. I didn't expect that Shizu, the fatima in the cover of third volume would look really asian. The third volume is thick since it contains the whole bang doll arc where it tells the story of Muse Van Reyback quest with his Bang Doll in defeating Ashura temple who bring terror in plain of Kastenpo. The next volume cover page will be Lachesis again which is surprising for me since i am expecting either Kyo or Atropos would be the one in the cover as they play significant role in the next arc. I am expecting the next volume won't be that thick since the next arc is too big to be contained in a single volume.

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  1. Nice haul. Looking forward to your Takemikaduchi, just be wary of the jump units, the connectors suck.