Monday, July 18, 2011

New Super Robot Chogokin revealed!

From the recent damashi festival 2011 which is reported by Cybergundam. Bandai announced bunch of addition for Super Robot Chogokin lineup. There are some of the announced items that piqued my interest which are:
  •  SRC Daizengar complete with the Zankantou will be the new addition for SRW series. I am not interested with this one since i got the plastic model already. I wonder if Bandai will make the Trombe transformable in case they release one.
  • Several additions for GaoGaiGar which include additional tools for Gaogaigar, Chouryujin and Big Volfogg. I am not sure the J-ark also included into the addition as the it is twice as big as GGG.
  • Zeorymer of Heaven also get SRC which probably the current best treatment that the mecha got so far. I might consider to get this one.
  • Some mechas from Armored Core 5 which is supposedly the starter AC. I am quite surprised that the series got the toy pretty early.
  • Finally Aquarion, while the appearance is Solar Aquarion the name tag is Aquarion which may give some possibility that it can transform into 3 forms(not sure yet). If it is true and it also get the Mugen Punch gimmick, consider i am sold for this guy.
I will update the post if there are any changes in the information.

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