Monday, July 16, 2012

MG Marasai Build-off

While my backlog haven't got cleared yet, i decided to work on my MG Marasai as a part of GAF group build. In this group build i am going to repaint the Marasai as a part of the Group build requirement where i need to paint Marasai with other faction's color scheme other than original. In my case i will be painting Marasai in Karaba color scheme which is the Major opposing faction of Titans on Earth and the color scheme will resemble to one of the MS that Karaba uses. MG Marasai is really good kit in my opinion, while it has some minor problem with articulation, the inner frame quality is much better now. For the Group Build, i will be including Ballute System and LED which is the leftover from my Hyaku Shiki and 00 Designer's version lineup. The LED really makes the MG Marasai much better by several levels because the LED is used really well for this kit.

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