Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nendoroid Lagiacrus Blademaster

Now, now! after Kaiyodo starting to craft some MH Merchandises, now it is Good Smile Company who is joining the party with their Nendoroids. As the first release, they decided to release Lagiacrus Blademaster which is the armor made from the flagship monster of MH Tri in Wii. The Figure will be released on November this year with price of 3600 yen. It seems Nintendo got some involvement with this release considering it is also a good timing to advertise MH4 for 3DS. But actually this is not the first time that Lagia Armor figure have been sculpted since Volks have released a limited figure for it as well. This is probably a good get for MH fans especially if you got the MH Monster Gashapon to pit the figure against. By the way Renne from Sora no Kiseki series also get full nendoroid treatment where it just got the petit version early this year.

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