Monday, July 30, 2012

Now playing MS Saga

If you ask me which Gundam games is the most unique, i would say MS Saga. Out of all Gundam Games that Bandai have released on PS2, This game is really makes itself different compared to others both good and bad. MS Saga is a classic turn based RPG with Gundam Theme where you pilot MS from multiple Gundam series fighting against generic bad guys. I have played this Games few years ago which i was halfway through the game but somehow i left the game unfinished. Last week i started playing MS Saga again and i still find the story and character design are terrible as always. However the gameplay is still pretty good and one of the few Gundam games that you can mix and match MS parts creating your own style of MS. This game also offer pretty hardcore difficulty since the enemies are really strong and makes you have to grind at some point. Currently i just got Hyaku Shiki and probably will get the Zeta Gundam really soon. I already got Marasai and this is what i can get closest to my Karaba version of Marasai.

So anyone have played this game before?


  1. Played it, thought I also stopped in the middle.
    The steep difficulty steered me away to play a different game for some time, and then my PS2 broke.
    When it was repaired, I think I already forgot about this game ;^^.

    The coloring is really simplified, so it is pretty hard to have a good custom color other than all black (and sometimes it's not even good ;^^), but it really is the closest we ever got for a Gundam game that allows mixing MS parts ;^^.

  2. If the game allow you to repaint the secondary parts, it would have been really great. What i like about this game that it has tons of potentials and can be improved greatly. But just like you say, this game is freaking hard especially the bosses which can mop your party easily.

  3. Yesss... I owned this and played it on PS2. Luv this game and it provided me a lot of entertainment time. I used mainly GM in the game and luv looking at them in the hangar. Lotz of ways to changed the parts. Unfortunately, had to switch to Gundam after the weapons needed a bigger storage capacity.