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Mechatalk: My Top 5 SRW Original Super Robot Edition

Who shall be the one that reaches the top?

The last Mechatalk thread that i made was probably around early this year which is rather a long time for an inactivity. It is not like i run out of ideas to discuss about and in fact,i have plenty of stuffs that i want to write a Mechatalk post about it but for some reason i just don't have a drive to write it. As a closing post for this year, i will continue my Mechatalk about my favorite SRW Original which i will talk about my 5 favorite Super Robots from the series. I have to say SRW helps me to appreciate Super Robot as mecha which i hope more people able to do the same thing like me.

So... in the 5th Position, Ialdabaoth holds the place as my 5th favorite Super Robot from SRW. At the instant i saw this guy in OG Gaiden, i know that he will be one of my permanent team member. In my opinion Ialdabaoth defines the term of "Overkill" in SRW as every single strike launched by Ialdabaoth looks really hurts and it think Folka can shatter one mountain or two if you know what i mean. But the main reason i like Ialdabaoth is his theme, Crimson Shura God is great but Kishin Ranbu bring it to another level.

For the 4th Place, Grungust fills the position, not Reishiki or Grungust 2 or Grungust 3, just plain  Grungust. I would say this guy is one of the perfect homage of the original mecha which would be Daitarn 3 in SRW series. While i have seen Grungust from OG1 in GBA, it is not until OGs that i fell in love with this guy. Time to Come is glorious in OGs but even more glorious when Irm released his Keitou Ragouken and unleashed some ANKENSATSU ZAN to some poor fellow! It doesn't matter to me whether Calamity Sword is a tiny stick compared to Zankantou but for me Grungust will always be my favorite. Irm is easily one of the top tier character in OGs and he is awesome enough to warrant me going to get SRW F someday.

Well in the 3rd position it is no other than our favorite Soulgain. In OG2 i hate Soulgain because he is hard to kill and even took down some of my units during the final stages. Maybe Soulgain is just an Oversized Guyver, but the pilot makes the whole thing different. Axel is one of more likable antagonist in OGs and SRW A make him even more likable being Ahoseru who is just pure gold with his "Rocketto Soul Punch". If Axel ever fought with Kyosuke again, i would personally prefer Axel to win.

Things are getting close to wrap up now and we are in the 2nd place which is held by Cybuster. Cybuster have come really long way in SRW being the first SRW Original if i am not wrong. While Masoukishin mecha is considered to be Hybrid, i can say the 4 Elemental Gods can be considered to be Super Robot.  I have liked Cybuster from the first SRW i played(mainly because Cyflash lol) but it is Masoukishin that made me to appreciate this God of Wind. For me OG series is not where Cybuster really shines instead it is the Masoukishin series that brings out the whole potential of Cybuster. So if you really like Cybuster, do yourself a favour and play Masoukishin 1&2 and you won't regret it. On other side i have quite respect with Hikaru Midorikawa who is the seiyuu of Cybuster's pilot Masaki.

Finally we are in the last and the very first position of my favorite SRW Super Robot which would have been Cybuster if i haven't meet this fella. So the super robot who holds the number 1 position in my SRW Original Favorite is no other than the Flame lord of Elemental, Granveil. It is not long before i met Granveil but when i played Masoukishin, i knew it was love at the first sight. Granveil is abit slightly old school Super Robot but it got kickass theme and excellent pilot. There are many Hotblooded Super Robot pilot in SRW but the pilot of Granveil, Huang Yanlong shows that a Super Robot pilot can be Hotblooded and classy at the same time. In Masou Kishin Yanlong is a chinese gentleman who is one of the more awesome character in the game and would make a perfect Husbando. Once Gl get his possesion form hopefully in the sequel i bet Yanlong will be stealing some spotlight from Masaki.

Well this concludes the Top 5 SRW Original Super Robot Edition post of mine, there are some honorable mentions that didn't make it to the list which will are Graterkin and obviously SRX that were initially in my Top 5 list but ousted by the newcomers. In the second half of this year i don't play much SRW again after burned out with Saisei Hen but i will definitely pick up the series again starting on Alpha on my Vita. So this is the end of the post and Happy New Year for you guys in advance, hopefully you don't have any regrets left from this year and ready to start a new page in 2013.

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