Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai / Space Brothers

In the past few months i have been reading this manga and it becom my instant favorite. Just like the title implies, the manga is about a pair of the siblings who aspires to become Astronauts and explore the space after some fateful encounter with an UFO like object in their childhood. The story focus on the older brother journey to become an Astronaut following his younger brothers footsteps as he goes through all tough selection process to become one. What makes this manga appealing is its optimistic view on humanity future of space exploration which is really inspirational for readers. I am not astronautics expert but from my point of view, Space brothers keep the setting of the series as realistic as possible. So far the manga translation is a bit slow but i think the manga quality will be still consistent. There is also anime of the the series that has been airing from early this year which i think i will give it a watch.

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