Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Non-Scale Type-94 Shiranui Japanese Imperial Guard version

Another Variants of Shiranui that Kotobukiya released from Muvluv series. While this makes roughly the 6th release of Shiranui, actually this is the 2nd version of Type 94 Shiranui ever been released by Koto. The kit is scheduled to be released on April next year with the price of 5200 yen. Other than being the recolor of the Type 94 Shiranui, the kit also include Missile Pod which is mounted on the shoulder for TSF with Blast Guard position. I am not that eager to get this kit for the Missile pack, and just hope Koto being nice enough to release the Missile Pod as Optional kit along with the Sniper rifle as TSF weapon pack. The Japanese Imperial Guard version of Type 94 is the common version of Shiranui being the original version, which has been one of the main TSF forces of Japan Empire in Muvluv Alternative. The notable eishi of Imperial Guard version of Shiranui is Sagiri, Marimo and Hibiki who is the main character of The Day After 1&2.

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