Sunday, December 23, 2012

1/144 YF-23 Black Widow

Got this pic from /m/ which is taken from some chinese website, if the scan is true then i am just speechless. My wish came through to see Kotobukiya release a Plamo for YF-23 but unfortunately it is 1/144 so no get for me. The kit will be released somewhere next year but no details are further given. While The YF-23 haven't got the near 1/100 Non Scale treatment yet, i am positive Kotobukiya eventually will give one for it. The 1/144 kit for YF-23 will be the Black Widow which is one of the two YF-23 colored in black. In Altverse YF-23 is the contender for YF-22 to be the successor of latest 3rd Gen TSF for US Army which the later one wins and results in mass production of F-22 Raptor. Looks like we will see more variation of TSFs in 1/144 scale near in the future.

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