Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kurogane no Linebarrel Variable Action Vardant Review

The Azure Samurai takes flight once again!

It has been plenty of times already that i make excuses but it seems i tend to lollygag for Reviews lately. This time i will be reviewing the Megahouse rendition of Vardant which is by far the best version of the Azure Samurai from Kurogane no Linebarrel by default. I got the variable Action Vardant from Mandarake for 4000 yen 5 months ago which is really great deal because It is probably one of the Linebarrel merchandise highly sought by collector and fetch pretty expensive price on Ebay. Megahouse also did have one Variable Action for Linebarrel though finding it is as hard as finding the Vardant. For this review i will just let the Pics do the explanation.

I have covered some bacground information about Vardant back in the Kotobukiya's version review. Anyway Vardant is one of the Machina belonged to Juda organization whose Factor is Reiji Moritsugu the Genius Machina team leader of the organization. Vardant is a close range Machina which sports multiple Shield Binders on its back which are really Versatile. Vardant only possess one eye since Reiji destroyed one of its eye during their first encounter. Compared to Linebarrel, Vardant didn't possess as much raw power compared to it but due to the Factor's prowess, Vardant is capable standing toe on toe with Linebarrel.

in terms of Articulation, the Variable Action version of Vardant is pretty good since it can pull plenty of different poses without significant problem. The catch is the Variable binder is rather heavy which makes the Vardant virtually impossible to stand on its own with the shield binder equipped on top of that setting up the binder is rather tedious as well which makes the dynamic pose of Vardant much harder when the shields are opened.

Vardant probably one of coolest mecha design that comes out over the last half decades while it is not the most original design as some of its design derived from Zone of Enders mecha. Nevertheless i strongly recommend to read the manga of the series since it is really solid mecha manga and the recent story got quite intense. I wished Alter did a rendition of Vardant but probably due to technical difficulties, they are unable to release one. If you happen to be fan of Kurogane no Linebarrel, what is your favorite machina?

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