Thursday, December 13, 2012

FAF Bellzelute Review

It's Revenger time!

First of all i didn't expect i am able to get this action figure from already rare lineup. If you listened to some of the SRW J Remix, this is the Bellzellute Action figure that you see in the video. Full Action Figure/FAF is the Toy lineup created by Volks for SRW series and if i am not wrong, some if not all of the Lineup are bought through Dengeki Magazine Shop for a hefty price. Bellzelute is one of the rarer FAF out there being the only Original Mecha from SRW J that got an official action figure. I get Bellzelute from Mandarake for really good bargain which is about 1/5 of the original price which costs more than 10000 Yen.

Bellzellute is one of the First 3 available Original Mecha in SRW J which is Real Robot oriented in Ranged combat. Like Coustwell and Granteed, Bellzelute possess Cytron(?) technology which is one of the technology belonged to the Fury which enable it to cancel time stopping capability which is the one seemingly Invincibility for the Fury. Just like other playable J originals, Bellzelute is piloted by 2 people which personally i use Melua for the Sub-Pilot. While it is not official, it is generally accepted by the fans the canonical pilot of Bellzelute is Calvina Coulange the female protagonist in the game who is calm and collected which makes a good Real Robot Pilot. Though she is still haunted by her terrible past and soon she will be bent on getting her revenge as she had a fateful encounter.

Bellzelute is one of the SRW J Original which is designed by Takayuki Yanase who designed Raftclans as well. From the impression, somehow Bellzelute kinda remind me of Temjin from Virtual On series though i am not exactly sure from which mecha that Bellzelute derived from. In terms of Articulation, Bellzellute is one of the better Volks stuff out there, though due to blocky design it is rather impossible to bend sideways of the thigh and shoulder. While i got the Bellzelute rather affordable, the tradeoff for me is the sculpt of the figure is rather flawed.

Bellzellute got some secondary weapon on its arsenal which are Missile Launcher and Short Launcher. Short Launcher is the beam rifle equivalent for Bellzelute which is dual-wielded  and used for close encounter. The missile launcher is used by Bellzelute for Mid Range in case it is running low on Energy  though i didn't expect the Knee cap stores the munitions for the missile.

The main weapon of Bellzelute is no other than the Orgone Rifle which is the most powerful arsenal of Bellzelute and got 2 different modes. The Normal mode launch powerful the beam energy and the scond mode is where the rifle changes into Giant Greatbow kind of thing and shoots large Green Crystal like and Arrow. I find it rather silly but that's the trademark move of Bellzelute.

While there is no other Plamo or Action figure for Bellzelute other than FAF(save Garage kits) when J series debuted in OG Saga i am sure it will get more treatment. Though i doubt Brigandi will ever make it due to being a clusterfuck. I will definitely get a Raftclans if there is ever a FAF for it. If you are looking for Bellzelute, YJA is your best bet though i think you will need to spend some money to get it.

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