Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Megaman Battle Network 2

Out of the all of the Blue Bomber series either Battle Network or Zero are my favorite ones because pretty much i spent my teen playing those series like crazy. I have played most of the Battle Network series back then except one which was the 2nd and i finished a run recently. Got to say, the 2nd is not as good as i expected probably because i was spoiled too much with the later series and arguably one of the easier series for me as well. MMBN 2 is the one that introduced style system which the 3rd will perfect it and Wood Style in MMBN2 is really broken. One of the major gripes for me in the 2nd game is that the plot feels abit dragged on especially around the Netopia arc where you fight the Gospel Navi in quick succession. I feel the cyberworld in MMBN2 is realIy small for some reason and also abit disappointed that Higsby didn't make it in this game. For me MMBN2 is probably the 2nd worst Battle network series but without it there will never be the 3rd Game which is the best one in my opinion while 4th is the worst one. At the moment i am reminiscing my memories with this series by doing another run for most of the games. Probably someday i will be hunting for the merchandise of this series.

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