Monday, May 12, 2014

Om Shura Sowaka! Tenku Senki Shurato thoughts

One of those anime that i watched when i was a kid and felt it should have been left that way. I had great hope for this series before i watched it but i can see why Shurato never made it big once i finished the series. To sum it up Shurato is wasted potential just like other many Japanese animes and in the end it become a mere Saint Seiya clone. Shurato have very good character pieces and setting that could be interesting which i see i would make a good darker version of Saint Seiya however the series goes the opposite direction which made it lose its respect slowly. The story is dragged out too long and by the time of 2nd Arc everything went downhill in really fast pace. But what makes it the worst about Shurato for me is that the way Tatsunoko handled the Hinduism lore which serve as the basis of the series is just disrespectul which made impression for me that Japanese are ignorant of other country's culture . I am quite familiar with my Hinduism lore and Vishnu is definitely not a woman (even if the avatar may be) or Shiva a malevolent god and even Atlus didn't do this kind of butchering with their SMT series. Even so i wished Shurato could get the better treatment than this because the series feel really wasted. Probably this series need a reboot that it deserves and if there is ever Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 i wished Shurato made into the cut. I still wonder if Bandai will ever release an Armor plus for the series as well?


  1. Shurato is one my favourite anime putting aside Hinduism lore what I had to agree that the story kind of lose its direction towards the end. Still I like the characters a lot and the catchy first opening song.

  2. The characters is quite memorable indeed even though they are wasted and i admit i really like the first OP and ED which i am able sing the TV version without looking at the lyric

  3. Unbelievable! You memorized the entire song! Most of my friends didn't even know of this anime. Thank for blogging it! Just want to share a link of my kit related to this anime: