Friday, November 7, 2014

Akame ga Kill!

At first i was hooked to look at this series by the anime even though i don't really read this kind of stuff a lot anymore but i suppose i will discuss about this series abit. Akame ga Kill is one of those manga that is is borderline Shonen/Seinen since it got Fanservice, Hotblooded battle and Grimdarkness. The story is about a boy joining a group of assassins called Night Raid trying to overthrow Empire who are controlled by corrupt nobles wielding special weapons called Teigu. For a manga series in recent period i would say Akame ga Kill is quite grimdark with plenty of Gorefest despite colorful range of characters. Depending how it goes, the series can get grimdark enough to make Berserk blush as the Despair can be still higher. While i wished Mine the Pink Miku survived i think it is unlikely she will in order to make the series even more grimdark. I won't be watching the anime unless the series completed already but i will read the manga until the end to see how it goes.

Unless there are some drastic circumstances,
i think Tatsumi still better paired with Pink Miku rather than the Ice Queen


  1. I'm on this anime and it keep getting more interesting each episode. Quite sad to see many cute and cool characters die as the plot advance.