Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula

SRX little brother
A little bit too much Anime and Manga post from me recently but i find another worthy mecha series to discuss. I still wonder why i overlooked Gigantic Formula even though it was one of the better Mecha anime after 2005(which is not much btw). The concept of the series is very interesting and i think Pacific Rim borrowed some ideas from Gigantic Formula for their Jaegers . The story of Gigantic Formula is about 12 Nations in war called Wisest World War to gain the right to rule the world which is kinda like G Gundam's Gundam Fight fighting with giant mecha called Gigantic powered by Head Statue resembled 12 Greek Deities. Unlike most mecha series which mainly focus on the main protagonist, Gigantic Formula over the perspective of pilots from each nation through the eyes of the main character which kinda make them peeping toms. This aspect surprisingly make good drama even though the pacing of the story is abit slow. Gigantic Formula also handle Politics and Mysticism adequately which was rarity in Japanese animation.

I really like mecha design from Gigantic Formula which are very well designed and it is kinda a waste that it is not used for SRW which i hoped it will change someday. The major letdown of this series is that the way the series concluded is rather disappointing despite the major buildup from the 24 episodes and it wasted as Gigantic Formula goes to cliche route which i will just let you figure out yourself. The series is kinda lack of intensity for a mecha series but at least the protagonist is not an emo one even though he is teen. I also think the anime could have used better character designer and english speaker consider the Engrish in the anime is just horrid. Anyway if you haven't got any mecha anime on your list, go watch Gigantic Formula. I hope someday this series will show up in SRW and the 12 mechas fight together instead of pitting against each other and tagging with Pacific Rim will be awesome too!

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