Thursday, November 20, 2014

Playing MHP3rd again

Ever since i stay in Beijing i didn't touch MH3U anymore since i did everything that i wanted already but to be Honest waiting for MH4U really kills. So it was such a coincidence that i can find Japanese friends to play MH and thus i picked up MHP3rd once again which was i played the last time like 3 years ago. While i have finished most of the mission in P3rd, i haven't farmed for high end gears or the DLC stuff so this is such a good opportunity to get back to the series again.

While P3rd doesn't have as much content as 3U, the game is still very enjoyable since there are couple of things that make P3rd a memorable MH series. Up until now i think Yukumo is the best village design by far even though Pokke is more nostalgic and while the cats are jokes compared to Chacha and Kayamba, they do make good looking accessory since there are more options to decorate them. As you can see i just made my Alatreon gear which is much worth it compared to the 3U one which are terrible for the effort to get the weapon. At the moment I am going to hunt Akantor and Ukanlos since they would make great practice when i face them in MH4U. Also i am going to get the Uniqlo armor set which looks quite good and honestly DLCs i got in P3rd are much better than the one in 3U since you got plenty of weapon and armor assortments which are cool looking too.

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