Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1/6 Metabee

I used to play the GBA Medabot Fighting game alot when i was in my Junior High and recently got back into the series with the RPG game on GBA too which i somehow overlooked it. Obviously just like other series that i got into i will always discuss the available merchandise. While i forgot the series a long time i always remember the anime got a Referee who always appear out of nowhere whenever Medabot Battle started.  Medabots have 2 main robots that represent the series, melee based Rokusho and range attacker Metabee. I think Metabee is more popular since he got the main character role in the anime and i remembered him as foul-mouthed medabot and most of the time argue with Ikki though sometimes soft on him too. I think Kotobukiya did very on the mode quality for Medabot lineup and the price is kinda decent too compared to Muvluv or SRW kit since it cost 3500 yen for Metabee Kit. The Gimmicks is rather nice too as Metabee comes with the parts to replicate his signature Head Missile attack. I will cover the Medabot Game once i finished them which is not anytime soon given my nature of procrastinating and i wished the 3DS Medabots Games would be brought to the west someday.

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