Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Variable Action Koubu Ichiro Ogami version

Sakura Taisen got some mechas which is why i got into the series and while the it is not as popular as it used to be, it got some good merchandise at very least. Megahouse made some of the Koubu(光武) which obviously the manly harem protagonist Ichiro Ogami got one. Koubu which are literally translated as the Light Armament are the main weapon used by Teikoku Kagekidan to fend off demon invasions in Tokyo which are powered by Reiryoku(Spirit Power) which majority of them tend to be possessed by female that makes up the Kagekidan. Ichiro Ogami however is a rarity since he is one of the few male who possess enough power to operate the weapon and due to his military background, he become the captain of Teikoku Kagekidan however in daytime he is cutting tickets for theatre. I tnink this version Kobu is the one Sakura Taisen 2 since the first one is not this flashy and In the game Ichiro Ogami is one of the weakest character in terms of firepower but he makes up for it by tough as nail when it comes to protecting his team and pretty much he is a lady killer.

The Variable Action Kobu comes with 8000 yen price tag which is still normal for this lineup but the price does worth it considering the average quality of the product. I remembered the series got some plamo as well which i seen in some shot of the Sakura taisen maid cafe which unfortunately closed down long time ago otherwise i would go there when i go to Japan.

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